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             From the sunny town of Capistrano Beach, California, Brent Samson finds his life’s work in not only music, for which he has a great aptitude and passion, but also some of your typical Southern Californian hobbies of surfing, skating, martial arts and baseball. Further, it seems his greatest hobby rests in making other people happy—you may not encounter Brent Samson without a contagious and genuine smile. Brent has been played a roll in various acts such as the Gospel-Rock band "ADORATION", quirky acoustic duo, "GAL Musette" & Folk songwriter ensemble known as "THE MOON POLICE". In between shows, community college and band practice, Brent subsidized his income by teaching music, and the sociable and friendly multi-instrumentalist found it quite easy to keep up his student count. In 2014, Brent met a recording engineer, Ryan Mathis who helped him record his first solo album, Love 8. In 2015 Brent got accepted to Cal Poly Pomona for Music Industry Studies. With his vast background in guitar, inspired songwriting, and newly acquired knowledge of recording gear, Brent Released his newest album titled “SEVEN” June 3rd, 2016. Brent’s most prominent musical influences in inspiration for his album are The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Fleetwood, Crosby Stills Nash & YOUNG and Nick Drake. Some more modern influences include M. Ward, Dr. Dog & Sufjan Stevens. “Anything with a killer melody, weird chords and some great harmony arrangements,” saith the prodigious Brent Samson— and if you give his music a listen, you won’t be sorry.


Artist management

      Essentially, the game plan is to round up the talent in Southern California within these specific genres, push them to their full pull potential musically, artistically and structurally and promote their project to the public, proving why their art is valuable.  This process will start a movement of artists passionate about expressing themselves and sending their message.

Grace Freeman 2017

Grace Freeman 2017

Grace Freeman

              Eighteen year-old piano-based singer-songwriter from San Clemente, California. Started writing at the age of ten and began performing her songs at local open mics at fourteen. Her first large scale performances were opening for The Magnetic Fields for their touring dates in 2012 at First Avenue and the Sheldon Theatre as "Gal Musette," with her duet partner Brent Samson. In recent years she has joined another band, The Moon Police, in which she collaborated with Sasha Evans on writing music. The Moon Police released their debut album "The Lost Go Sailing By" the summer of 2015. In the last two years, Grace has opened for several renowned artists such as Macy Gray, Suzanne Vega, and Donavon Frankenreiter. Currently, she is producing her first solo album with Steve Wood, which is will released March 2017. Songwriting influences include Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Coeur de Pirate, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Amy Winehouse, The Cure, Paul McCartney, and Cat Stevens. 

The moon police

   ...are an ensemble of five talented people that combines the songwriting of Sasha Evans and Grace Freeman, with multi-intrumentalist Brent Samson, featuring Douglas Miller on the Violin, and Shane Anderson on bass to create eccentric, organic and masterful songs.  The band plays a blend of classic and bluesy music with lovely, quirky vocal harmonies and inventive melodic styles.  The band's unique music features lyrics that are romantic and poetic as well as fun and uplifting.  The Moon Police are the merging of the two duos, "Gal Musette" and "Sasha and Doug".  Both girls play keyboards and ukulele and have adapted each others' songs, adding operatic harmonies into the mix.  They keep writing music and the new songs come to fruition every two to four weeks.  Both Grace and Sasha have written over 60 Songs each.

The Moon Police 2016 *Graphic Design by Brent Samson

The Moon Police 2016

*Graphic Design by Brent Samson




Music Tutoring:  Guitar, Drums, Bass, Violin, Piano & Voice


Music Production: Pro Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering.


Musicianship: Session musician & live performance work.


Events: Live sound, stage production & booking.

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